7. november 2010

It's a GIRL

A baby card for you today. :-)
I really appreciate all the sweet comments! :-)

To those of you who have contacted me about my buttons
Hopefully I'll have them done within the next week.
I'm also working on getting my new EPLA store up and running, 
and will have som buttons for sale there...
I will be back with a link to my store as soon as it's ready.
Thank you for your patience! :-)


16 kommentarer:

Silje sa...

Nyydelig! :D Og så syntes jeg knappene var utrolig søte - gleder meg til å se epla butikken din! :D

Ha en fin søndag videre!

Ewik sa...

Sweet and adorable:)))

Evgenia Levitskaya sa...

fabulous card

unni's scrappeboble sa...

Ååå, her var det masse fint å kvile øynene på, denne stilen er bare så nyyyydelig :)

Madzioza sa...

Beautiful card!!! OMG...so beautiful work...
I like Your shabby chic styl verry much!
I invite You to my website:

Tanya Privalova sa...

It is so sweet and beautiful!
For the inspiration I present You such gift Thank You very much!

Irixxx sa...

So nice! and beautifull!!

Willis Peyton sa...

soooooooooooo sweet........:)

Ansel Rhett sa...

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